The video of 6-year-old Afghan boy, Sayed Ahmad Rahman, who lost one of his legs in a conflict in Logar province in the southeast of Kabul, went viral on social media after he was found dancing for getting an artificial limb at the orthopedic department of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

“I don’t go to school, because there is war (in Logar),” said Rahman.

He lost his leg in a clash between the Taliban and foreign forces in Logar’s Baraki Barak district when he was eight months old, according to his parents. He got a bullet on his leg and doctors finally decided to cut his leg.

Rahman’s mother, Saira has seven children and her husband cannot work to feed his family due to an illness. Saira said she works on agricultural lands and hardly earns AFs200 on a daily basis.

Saira’s daughter was also wounded during the battles.

“My daughter was also wounded. She is a miserable condition. She feels pains in her bones and she cries the whole day,” said Saira.

“I have more feelings for the patients more than others because I am a victim of polio,” said Karishma, an ICRC employee.

TOLOnews reporter says many people flocked to the ICRC hospital on Tuesday to see Sayed Ahmad Rahman.