Peshawar- District police of Swabi carried out a raid on Gulalai Ismail’s home in Swabi to arrest her, but all in vein.

Gulalai Ismail is an active member of PTM and has been taking active part in mobilizing the masses against Pakistani state terrorism on Pashtun soil.

Commenting on police action, Gulalai Ismail said she was one among the 19 leaders of PTM against whome police had registered cases after holding PTM public gathering in Swabi last month.

“The state is clearly afraid of the support Pashtun Tahafuz Movement PTM – پښتون تحفظ موومنټ received in Swabi; it might had miscalculated the political awareness of the people of Swabi. It didn’t expect such a warm welcome to the demands of PTM and Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen on such a hot and humid day”, Gulalai Ismail said.

“After the success of Jalsa, the state actors were in a frenzy, tried to destroy vehicles, tried to attack the guests, and at the end filed a police case against the leadership of PTM”, Gulalai added.

“The attempts to silence us will prove futile. People like me haven’t been supporting #PTM out of blue, all of us had been raising these same issues using different strategies and platform, even before PTM we’d been paying the costs of speaking out”, She furthered. Highlighting the importance of #PTM, she noted that PTM has brought all the Pashtuns on a single page, and we won’t be deterred by any kind of state pressure. The state shall know, we are willing to pay the cost.

After the successful public gathering in Swabi, police registered cases against
1. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad 2. Liaqat Yousafzai e.col. R Hidayat 4. Faiz Muhammad kaka 5. Riaz Shahmansoor 6.Mohammad Ali 7. Khair ul Ameen 8. Abid 9. Dr. Jaseem 10. Comrade Yar 11. Manzoor Pashteen 12. Dr. Said Alam 13. Fazal Advocate 14. Mohsin Dawar 15. Ali Wazir 16. Samad khan/Muhammad khan17. Noor ul Islam 18. Khan Zaman Kakar 19. Gulalai Ismail